Specialised Services

We also offer our services for design and drafting as well as turnkey projects, including conceptual design complete through to installation and commissioning.

Design & Development

Nothing gives us greater pleasure in assisting inventors and innovators to realise their visions. Our R&D team can help turn these ideas into reality.

We can be involved in either all or part of the process from concept, feasibility studies, preliminary designs, production drawings, processes, planning and tooling.

Reverse Engineering

Our reverse engineering capabilities allow customers who do not have access to drawings or prototyping to produce the necessary models and drawings for production.

These services are useful when:

  • Drawings do not exist
  • Drawings have been lost
  • Drawings have not been updated/modified
  • Time to market needs to be accelerated
  • Retrofits are required
  • Part interface applications
  • After market product enhancements

This provides our customer base with quick, accurate and dependable results.


Our computer software allows new product concepts to come to life through the services including AutoCAD, Inventor & Gibbs.The finished prototypes are available in a variety of excellent finishes and materials such as wax, nylons, metals, and plastics.

Prototyping is an excellent means to bring your engineering, design, production and quality teams together to produce a better, more competitive product. A physical prototype allows you to:

  • Improve communication between departments and existing and/or future clients
  • Improves feedback
  • Reduces the time frame between conception to production
  • Allows a hands-on visualization at the design stage to correct flaws/errors prior to manufacture
  • Develop product features and review moving parts
  • Reduce production and re-tooling cost for product changes

CAD/CAM Services

Our drafting department operates the latest in computer aided technologies. This allows the formation of a component or assembly so that it may be visualised in either 2-D or 3-D formats that are generated quickly, efficiently and accurately. We utilise various programmes including AutoCAD, Inventor & Gibbs

Working with our customers, we are able to offer our value adding service thru CAD in the following ways:

  • Avoidance of design errors prior to production
  • Visualization of new products and/or features
  • Preparedness for rapid prototyping and production
  • Quicker production turnaround time