We have created a dedicated facility to provide Laser cutting services.
Our fabricators are specially trained to handle and use the latest technology in laser cutting services. Creating metal masterpieces using the laser cutting equipment offers artists and designers the tools to complete a work of art.
By using computer numerically controlled (CNC) laser cutting and multi-tool CNC punch press, we provide quality cutting with 0.1 mm precision. We employ both CO2 based laser source with a wavelength of 10 µm and YAG based laser with a wavelength of 1 µm.
Cutting speeds on thin 1.2 mm sheet can be as high as 25 m (82 ft) per minute. We help fabricate an idea into a reality using our state of the art CNC laser cutting tools. We understand that every design is important and we make sure not to cut corners in our material or precision of work.