Level Crossing Removal Project

We are proud to be part of the Level Crossing Removal Project, even if it is only in a small way at the moment.



Over the next eight years the Level Crossing Removal Authority will oversee the removal of 50 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne.

Construction has already commenced on several sites, and planning and early consultation is under way for the delivery of the entire project.

Steel Sleeve 101Ø - 1.6m

Steel Sleeves 101Ø 1,6m

Large production runs

T & P Steel is ideally equipped for production runs of your steel fabricated components. With ample factory space, multiple work stations and dedicated staff, T & P Steel can assist with  your fabrication and production needs.

Survey monitoring plates (1)

Diesel pumpstation cupboard (3)

Stainless Steel lab Tables small

Production run S(4)

Production run S(3)

Production run S(2)

Platypus Jetski trailers

Here is the new Platypus Jetski trailer!

Our Platypus Jetski Trailers are designed with practicality in mind. All trailers are built in Australia and can be built to suit any size jetski.

Our trailers look good, are user friendly and practical. We offer a selection of finishes to personalise your trailer as you like and to suit your jetski.

Unique in many ways;

  1. Anti-theft system
  2. Space saving system when in Storage
  3. Flush out and drying assisting.
  4. Save walk around when submerged
  5. Jetski bow protecting when in Storage
Compact anti-theft safe
Compact anti-theft safe

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