Platypus Jetski trailers

Here is the new Platypus Jetski trailer!

Our Platypus Jetski Trailers are designed with practicality in mind. All trailers are built in Australia and can be built to suit any size jetski.

Our trailers look good, are user friendly and practical. We offer a selection of finishes to personalise your trailer as you like and to suit your jetski.

Unique in many ways;

  1. Anti-theft system
  2. Space saving system when in Storage
  3. Flush out and drying assisting.
  4. Save walk around when submerged
  5. Jetski bow protecting when in Storage
Compact anti-theft safe
Compact anti-theft safe

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Stainless Steel display table

T & P Steel Fabrications are making quit a name with Stainless Steel creations. In the Food and Catering sector the demand for clean and neat equipment is always paramount.

This is our latest display table.




Dairy System Structures

We manufacture a range of Galvanised Steel products for Dairy systems.

We make;

-Rapid release,
-Hydraulic and
-Tombstone systems.

Rotary systems

Entry and Exit Swing gates

and Vertical lifting gates.